Jay Park - Ride Me


I waited for this moment, I’ll melt you with my tongue
I’ll take your bra off with my mouth, your back is so breathtaking
I’ll kiss you from your head to your toes, here and there
Once is not enough, we’ll keep going till the sun comes up

It’s just beginning, hurry and ride me
If it starts…

Such a perfect R&B track produced by the lovely and talented Cha Cha Malone and with  Jay’s perfect voice and naughty lyrics we got a hit #babymakingsong

[Eng] Jay Park's 'METRONOME' lyrics


When you’re cold, I’m hot
But when one wants to leave, the other begs not to go
Sometimes, we hate each other so much that we don’t even talk
But with just one kiss, we make up and love again
Baby it’s so crazy crazy from break up to make up
Like this and like that, like a rollercoaster